beagle, charles bukowski

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“do not bother the beagle lying there
away from grass and flowers and paths,
dreaming dogdreams, or perhaps dreaming nothing, as men do awake;
yes, leave him be, in that simple juxtaposition,
out of the maelstrom, lucifugous as a bat,
searching bat-inward
for a state of grace.

it’s good. we’ll not ransom our fate
or his for door knobs or rasps.
the east wind whirls the blinds,
our beagle snuffles in his sleep as
outside, outside,
hedges break, the night torn mad with footsteps.

our beagle spreads a paw,
the lamp burns warm
bathed in the life of his size.”



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第三十六个故事 taipei exchanges

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a quote from a quote in goffman’s the presentation of self in everyday life

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“In the seventeenth century, therefore, in order to become a thorough Argotier, it was necessary not only to solicit alms like any mere beggar, but also to possess the dexterity of the cut-purse and the thief. These arts were to be learned in the places which served as the habitual rendezvous of the very dregs of society, and which were generally known as the Cours des Miracles. These houses, or rather resorts, had been so called, if we are to believe a writer of the early part of the seventeenth century, ‘Because rogues… and others, who have all day been cripples, maimed, dropsical, and beset with every sort of bodily ailment, come home at night, carrying under their ams a sirloin of beef, a joint of veal, or a leg of mutton, not forgetting to hang a bottle of wine to their belts, and, on entering the court, they throw aside their crutches, resume their healthy and lusty appearance, and, in imitation of the ancient Bacchanalian revelries, dance all kinds of dances with their trophies in their hands, whilst the host is preparing their suppers. Can there be a greater miracle than is to be seen in this court, where the maimed walk upright?'”

[from: Paul LaCroix, Manners, Custom, and Dress during the Middle Ages and during the Renaissance Period]


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me: “飞蛾扑火不死,也会弄得遍体零伤。它应该找一盏不息的街灯,那就不会受伤嘛。”

zhengyi: “哈哈。你在说你吗。你以为那蛾是白痴吗,没有智商或EQ吗?它一定是以为那火是别的东西,才扑过去的。”

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– 我心中尚未崩坏的地方, 五月天

weekends, recently.

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i can still smell ice cream coffee when i sniff my laptop.